Big Bear Inspired Chocolate Stout Float

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Last weekend we were in Big Bear and stopped by a local brewery for a sampling.

Big Bear Mountain Brewery was very low key and serious about their beer.  Check out the phone number on the menu.  That’s serious.

My friends and I feel in love with the Chocolate Porter.  It was so creamy and good.  We were all talking about how great it would be as dessert.  We came up with the idea to create a Root Beer Float but substitute the Root Beer for the Chocolate Porter.  I couldn’t find the exact beer we had in Big Bear so I substituted it with a Chocolate Stout.  It tastes fantastic!!!

Chocolate Stout Float


1 Pint Chocolate Stout or Guinness

Carmel sauce topping

Coffee Ice Cream


Fill 3/4 of the cup with ice cream.

Add enough stout to fill cup.

Drizzle a couple spoonfuls of Carmel sauce on top.




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