Bottoms Up | Mary Pickford

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Bottoms Up | Mary Pickford

Serving Size: 1

Bottoms Up | Mary Pickford

This weekend is the Oscars! I'm a little celeb crazy and award season is my favorite time of year. I love the glamour of it all and feel very passionate about certain movies. My boyfriend doesn't get it. He's totally football obsessed so the only way I can get him to understand is to tell him that this is my Super Bowl. In honor of this momentous event, I've mixed up a (modified) Mary Pickford cocktail.

3/4 cup pineapple juice

2 ounces light rum

splash of club soda

splash of maraschino cherry juice

splash of grenadine

maraschino cherry, to serve

Combine all ingredients except for the cherry into a glass.

Stir to combine.

Pour into an ice filled glass to serve.



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