Maternity Must Haves

I tried to take the minimal approach to products during my pregnancy. I was surprised at what I needed and what wasn’t as important. Everyone is different but this list will certainly get you started if you’re just beginning your pregnancy.


Prenatal Vitamins. Before I even got pregnant, my doctor said to take prenatal vitamins. I was pregnant for weeks before I even knew it. I wasn’t eating with the idea that I was growing another human being inside of me. Luckily I was taking the prenatal vitamins, which ensured that I was getting enough of the essential nutrients my baby needed.

I always have trouble digesting vitamins but these are super easy to digest. They taste like candy and don’t give me any stomach upset. That’s a huge relief during your first trimester when you may be feeling under the weather anyway.

Maternity Leggings. I’m not usually into leggings but all of my fashion rules went out the window once my belly popped. Around week 20, nothing fit and getting dressed became a chore. Sometimes you just want to be comfortable and maternity leggings with enough room for your growing belly were such a relief. I was surprised at how many different ways you can style a pair of leggings. If you need inspiration, I’d suggest Pinterest.

Sneakers. It’s important to get a really comfortable pair of sneakers because heels will become harder and harder to wear. It’s hard to balance your belly when you’re a few inches in the air. You can splurge on a really cool pair of kicks as you can continue to wear them after the baby arrives.

Slip-on Shoes. There will come a time when bending over to tie your shoes is not only comical but also a major work out. You find yourself contorting your body in an attempt to reach around your belly and tie your shoes. It’s exhausting and at a certain point you loose the ambition to even try. Slip-ons are a lifesaver.

Body Pillow. It doesn’t take long before you must sleep on your side. I started off with one body pillow to support my front during my first trimester but found that I needed another one for my back during my third. This system of multiple pillows works for me but they do make a pillow specifically designed for pregnancy.

Lotion. I inherited my mother’s oily Italian skin. It’s normally great because I never need lotion but pregnancy flipped the switch on my skin and I ended up with dry, cracking skin. I needed huge amounts of lotion stat! Pregnancy hormones do some crazy things to your skin. Dry skin may not happen to everyone but at the very least you should keep your belly hydrated. It will help with stretch marks and keeping skin elastic.

Belly Band. This was an awesome discovery. I’m sure someone mentioned it to me at some point but I found them at the store and it blew my mind. It extended my wardrobe for months. Belly bands go over your belly and hold up your unzipped or buttoned pants. I was determined to keep the maternity clothing I needed to purchase to a minimum and these certainly helped. They will also help me transition back to my pre-pregnancy clothing. Honestly, I think all pants should have a bellyband attached. It’s going to be a real bummer to have to try and button up my jeans again. I’m really going to miss elastic waistbands.

Maternity Tanks. Another maternity clothing must have is the tank. They are a little bit longer than normal tank tops and leave room for your belly. They are great to layer under something that doesn’t quite cover the bump. Next to my leggings, I used my maternity tanks the most. I have multiples of black, white and beige and I wear them almost everyday.


Do you have any maternity must haves? Let me know if I left something out in the comment section below!


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